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Ordering a Standard Replacement Tag is Free.
The Standard Tag is the Acrylic Bone - Medium

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Here you can order an custom tag for your dog. If you have 2 different collars for one dog you can order an additional custom tag for the other collar. There is an additional cost to order a custom tag. Both your original tag and custom tag will work to identify your same dog.

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Report your dog as lost

  • Print and Post this Lost Dog Flyer Locally (0-5 miles)
  • Email this Flyer to Local Shelters, County Animal Control and Veterinarians

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If your pet is found injured, or in need of any immediate veterinary care
and we can not reach you right away...
Do you give us consent to authorize your pet to be taken to this veterinarian for immediate care if deemed necessary?


Yes, this Vet only.

Yes, this or the nearest facility if it is an emergency.

Important Note:
Please advise your vet that your dog wears our 1-800-LostDog ID Tag
and that you grant permission for to us to call on your behalf for
your dog in case of an emergency if we can't immediately reach you
or any other authorized contact you list with us.
Additionally, tell your vet if your microchipped pet is also registered with us.....