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Disclaimer is a Pet ID Tag and Recovery Service designed to help in the recovery of our Member’s lost dogs wearing our unique toll free pet ID tag. Our service is primarily for the notification of our registered pet owners that their pet has been found, we then pass on the pet finder information for recovery / reunion purposes. We know, fast recoveries are greatly helpful in securing a safe recovery back home. Our service is specially designed to aid in the fast recovery of Member’s lost dogs. Our Unique ID Tag and LostDog Hotline work recovery wonders in most lost dog cases. Pet finders seeing our tag on your dog are usually eager to call and report your found dog. Almost everyone today has a mobile or smartphone to report your found dog. While most recoveries are fast, we can not guarantee the speed of any recovery. If lost, we can not guarantee every pet registered with our service will be recovered. We can not guarantee the condition or health of any found or returned pet. We are not insurance of any kind. Anyone finding and reporting your dog as found, does so voluntarily. We do not employ anyone to actively be out looking for any members' lost dog. Our maximum liability is limited to the value of the Membership purchased. If a member’s pet is found injured, we will work as fast as possible to get help for the pet. If a member’s pet is found deceased, we will gently notify the owner of the sad situation. Member’s agree to only register people and pet friendly pets for the safety of any pet finder. Member agrees they are responsible for their pet while lost and any actions or damage that may occur while the petis lost or in the recovery process of their pet. Our goal 100% of the time is to deliver the best and fastest recovery help for your lost dog, so that none of the above negative issues are likely to occur.

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