Wandering Dog Reports

Wandering or Lost pets are often spotted by people who can't

immediately help or track the dog down to help. These reports come

from people using our LostDog Smart Phone App which

allows the user to quickly photo and report wandering dogs.

It is a Free App we offer to help wandering dogs get back home safely.

Add our Free Lost Dog App to your phone so you too can help wandering dogs get back home!

If your pet has recently gone missing...

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Reporter Name Phone Number Addl Phone Number Report Date Time Pet Size Pet Gender Pet Color Pet Breed State City Zip Code Details
1 ate



Apr 28 2021 12:46 PM Medium Unsure be ghjfh FL Fort Myers 33905 Limping
2 giggle



May 24 2021 03:35 PM Extra Small Unsure hi g b FL Punta Gorda 33982 Bbb